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We at International Fertility & Healthcare Center have been setting new benchmarks in the field of fertility and health care services. One of the basic desires for the entire human race is to have a baby but the path to parenting is not easy for many. Being a Fertility hospital, we help therm in making it possible & easier. We are a leading Fertility hospital in Jaipur, and thus effectively understand your most intricate needs and impart treatments.... read more

About IVF
IVF means in vitro fertilization. In this egg cells are fertilized by sperm outside the womb in the IVF laboratory.

This is performed in five stages ...read more
About ICSI
The ICSI fertility treatment is especially helpful in reproductive medicine, making fatherhood possible for men with sperm disorders. If a sperm fails to fertilize the egg naturally or during IVF, this is usually because the sperm fails to penetrate ... read more
The male surgical sperm retrieval is done in the most efficient manner using high end equipments and tools. In certain disorders sperm is produced ... read more The egg donation is for those women who are known carriers of serious genetic disorder orwhere the ovaries are absent or have ... read more We provide infertility counseling offered by our team of specialists and doctors. Our teams of experts presiding over the whole... read more We offer premium diagnostic testing in partnership with Dr.Lal pathlabs. The diagnosis and testing services are done under ... read more We have an excellent endoscopy program. The service is offered in premium quality infrastructural facilities. The services are marked .. read more We undertake sperm collection on a large scale. The volunteers are young people under 35 years of age. The volunteers are screened for ... read more
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